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National Examinations Board (NEB) has published the results of the Grade 12 Examination that was held on 2023/2024, 2080/2081

As soon as class 12 result is published, call 1601 and press SYMBOL NUMBER or send SMS by typing NEB <SPACE><SYMBOL NUMBER> to 1600 or dial *1600# from mobile and press SYMBOL NUMBER as per instructions or visit website Results can be easily obtained from this site.

IVR System (From PSTN and CDMA phones)

Dial 1601 and follow the instructions

  • Via SMS

You can also check your Class 12 results by sending an SMS to 1600 in the below format.

NEB ‘Space’ <Symbol No>

Example: NEB 015642

The results can be viewed from the following websites:

NEB website:

Nepal Telecom Website: